Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life

Yoga is about more than just a workout – it is a lifestyle. Any yoga gift ideas are not just welcome, they are probably really appreciated and loved. Are you struggling to figure out what to give that friend or family member who loves going to yoga classes? Take a look at the below gift ideas. These gifts for yogis will be a hit whether the recipient is a yoga devotee who has been practicing for years, or a total newbie. From apparel to accessories, any yoga lover would be excited to open these presents.

1. Eco-friendly Yoga Mat
Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life
Sports and the City® Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


As I mentioned in the post “Sports And The City Yoga Mats Review: Why I recommend“, this yoga mat is great for both experienced yogis and beginners. It is a perfect combination of good thickness, stickiness, durability, and price. This eco-friendly yoga mat is non-toxic, PVC free, phthalates free and free of any harmful chemicals unlike many other mats. You can choose from a lot of gorgeous color options.

2. Yoga Hoodie
Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life - Sports and the City Yoga Hoodie
Sports and the City Yoga Girl Zip Hoodie


This is probably the coolest hoodie I have ever had! Featuring “I DO YOGA”, “WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER?” this hoodie shows the fun personality of the yogi. This limited edition of Yoga Girl top features an adorable cartoon image designed by Sports and the City designers. The supremely soft cotton is very comfortable and cozy. I wear this hoodie for running, yoga, hiking, and other outdoor activities. This is absolutely one of the best gifts for yogis!

3. Yoga Bag
Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life - Yoga Bag
Sports and the City® Yoga Mat Bag with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets


Anyone who goes to yoga classes needs a mat bag which is durable, simple and convenient to use. This stylist yoga bag is made of durable fabrics which are able to withstand any environment as well as daily commute to and from yoga practice. This bag gives lots of room for yoga gear, towels, yoga straps, extra shirts, wallet, phone, keys and other personal items and accessories. It is very easy to adjust the shoulder strap to different height and preferred carrying position. It is perfect for both men and women.

4. Fun Yoga Bra
Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life - Yoga Bra
Sports and the City Sports Bra – Dream Sky


When practicing yoga, a sports bra is obviously necessary. Unlike running, yoga doesn’t require heavy-duty sports bras with tons of support. Therefore there is more room to show a yogi’s sense of fashion. This yoga bra has a colorful design and high neckline which offer a fun, feminine look. It is truly pretty and high functional.

5. Fun Yoga Leggings
Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life - Sports and the City Yoga Leggings
Sports and the City Yoga Leggings – Kaleidoscope


The best workout clothes for yoga is a pair of tight leggings, because they make it easy to do any position, and they keep everything covered up. This pair of yoga Leggings combine fashion, function, comfort, fit and performance with an amazing design. The moisture-wicking feature keeps practitioners dry. The anti-bacterial and odor-retardant fabric gives yogis the most healthy and comfortable workout experience. This is one of my favorite gifts for yogis!

6. Yoga Music

An album with yoga music will be one of the most creative and beautiful gifts for yogis! Find yoga music, either CD or digital music, to help your yogi friend/family member get an awesome playlist for their yoga class and home practice. In my post “Best Yoga Music For Your Yoga Practice” I recommend a list of albums that are fantastic for yoga class, home practice, and meditation.

7. Yoga Book

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

A great book about yoga makes an amazing gift for yogis as well. In my post “My yoga bookshelf: Yoga Books Every Yogi Needs to Read” I list the yoga books in my collection. All the books are about yoga, meditation, or mindful living. Your yogi friend/family member can enjoy this unique gift as a morning or bedtime reading, on their commute to yoga class, and when they travel.

8. Mala Bracelet/Necklace

Mala Bracelet/Necklace For Meditation And Yoga

Jewelry is a gift that cannot go wrong for a girl. Mala bracelet/necklace is one of those gifts for yogis that will immediately put a smile on her face. It helps those who are easily distracted in meditation or yoga. It can make people objective and detached, not lose their direction in complicated environment, increase people’s self-confidence, avoid fear and uneasiness.

9. Yoga Keychain

Gifts For Yogis: Best Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers In Your Life - Key Chain

If you are just looking for something really simple but cute, small accessories like special designed key chain will be perfect. The Yoga Girl Keychains by Sports and the City are the most adorable things I have ever seen! They are not only great for hanging keys but also for decorating bags.

10. Yoga Mug

A lot of yogis enjoy organic food and yoga tea. Why not give them a cute yoga mug so they can enjoy their healthy drinks. This Yoga How-to mug shows postures for each of chakras, as well as the Sun Salutation. Give your yogi friend/family member a set of Yogi Tea and this mug, he/she will love it!

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