Sports And The City Yoga Mats Review: Why I recommend

My students always ask me to recommend yoga mats. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, you probably dream of having a PERFECT yoga mat. When I ask my students what kind of yoga mats they are looking for, the answers are usually about Thickness, Stickiness, Durability, and Price. I always make recommendations based on each student’s personal need. But I find one brand in particular fits most of my students – it’s Sports and the City. After using their yoga mats for over 2 years, today I would like to do a thorough Sports and the City yoga mats review.

Sports And The City Yoga Mats Review: Why I recommend

I first heard of Sports and the City from a colleague. She couldn’t stop talking about her new yoga mat and insisted that we should all try it. I felt the difference the moment I first stepped on the mat! My colleague told me that the mat is made of TPE material. I hadn’t heard of TPE and therefore I did my research online immediately.

What is TPE Yoga Mat?

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) is a material that is non-toxic, PVC free, phthalates free and free of any harmful chemicals unlike the traditional pvc, nbr, eva yoga mats which all contains carcinogen components. TPE material is biodegradable, hence real eco-friendly. Read benefits of TPE on Wikipedia.

Thickness, Stickiness, Durability, and Price


Sports and the City yoga mats are the thickest I have ever had (8mm or 0.3″).  Their thickness is just perfect – The mats are thick enough so that they can prevent you from banging your knee up during crescent lunge. And unlike most thick/extra thick mats, it still makes it easy for you to feel a strong connection to the floor.

I love the mats’ inherently superior, denser and unique composition. The 8mm thickness provides the perfect surface to protect your knees and joints. I can say before I got my Sports and the City yoga mats I had never experienced such comfort and support from any mat.


I love the great texture that my Sports and the City yoga mats have. The texture provides physical barriers to sliding. The non-slip pattern of the surface, combined with the organic roughness to the material, gives the yoga mats the best texture I have never experienced before.

The mats help me maintain my alignment as I move from one pose to another. And the fantastic grip makes it easy to hold poses for several seconds.

One of the questions that my students ask me the most is what to do when their yoga mat is too slippery. Most yoga mats have a film (some explain it as wax) on the surface when they are produced, it is used to protect the yoga mats. That is what causes slipperiness of a new yoga mat. It usually takes time to break in a new mat. The average time to break in a new mat is 4-8 weeks. It could be shorter or longer depending on how often the new mat is used. There is no magic (as least I don’t know any) you can use to break in a new mat overnight. All you can do is practice more and clean up regularly.


I have been using my yoga mats for over two years. I practice on my mats more than 5 hours everyday and they are still in perfect condition. Some yoga mats of other brands held up nicely in the first few months, but then became flat and even had cracks on the edges. I am so pleasantly surprised that my Sports and the City yoga mats stay strong and sturdy for so long. And for the price I paid, I am really amazed by the high quality.


I am quite generous when I purchase yoga mats. Which is why I have so many expensive yoga mats in the garage (crying face). Sports and the City yoga mats are not even half as expensive as my most expensive brand. Their regular sizes are $30-40, and the extra large ones are $40-50. Of course you can find cheaper mats in the market, but you may need to buy new ones every 6 months. Sometimes I feel bad that I wasted money buying those expensive mats and think maybe I should give my Sports and the City mats a break and use those expensive ones. However, I always end up telling myself it is more important to enjoy yoga on a good mat than making some wrong purchase worth it.

Sports And The City Yoga Mats Review: Why I recommend

Here is my Sports and the City yoga mats review. Overall, the Sports and the City yoga mats are great combination of good thickness, stickiness, durability, and price. They are developing new yoga mats and invite yoga teachers to test and give them feedback. I sent them emails about more color options and size options and they replied with appreciation and feedbacks. Now they are adding more colors and sizes. I am happy that they are listening to what yogis need and look for. I will try more of their yoga products and report back here.

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