Does it work: Magnetic Laundry System Review

What’s the cooling gift you have ever received for your birthday? It may crack you up if I tell you that mine is two pieces of blue magnets. I remember when I received them from a close friend, my jaw almost dropped and I didn’t know how to comment. The two magnets are called the Magnetic Laundry System. After 4 months of use, I really want to say they are not just the coolest gift, but also the most thoughtful one! Which is why I cannot wait to write this Magnetic Laundry System Review and share my experience.

Does it work: Magnetic Laundry System Review

First, What is the Magnetic Laundry System?

Good thing about receiving an unusual gift is that it intrigues you to learn more about it. I did a lot of research and figured out what is Magnetic Laundry System.

The Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) is a set of powerful magnets that are placed in your washing machine.  They generate a magnetic field that changes the surface tension of water, which releases the dirt and oils in your clothing.

Sounds like a magic? Skeptical? I got you! Because when I read the product descriptions and some reviews, I was like “Come on…Seriously?” However, as someone who has super sensitive skin and cannot use most of the detergents in the market, the idea of not having to use any chemical products really intrigued me. And here I am, writing this Magnetic Laundry System Review lol.

It doesn’t give you the “Mmm…Ahh”!

You probably have seen in a lot of detergent commercials where someone holds a freshly washed clothe and has the “it smells like heaven“ look. When I use the Magnetic Laundry System, unlike what we usually see in the commercials,  the clothes come out smelling like…nothing. It doesn’t give you the “Mmm…Ahh”!

There is no scent added when using the Magnetic Laundry System. The truth is that clean clothes smell like nothing. They don’t smell like perfume. Sometimes people just overkill with scents – adding detergents, spot removers and bleach with perfumes in their washing machine. That is simply too many chemicals, and sometimes the body may rebel with rashes, respiratory issues or illness.

Therefore, I give big thumbs up to the Magnetic Laundry System that doesn’t have chemical smells.

Hot temperature does the best job!

As the instructions say, hot water is the best temperature for the cleanest clothes. However, some of my garments require that I use lower temperatures. So far the results are satisfactory. My sports bras and leggings are always soaked in stinky sweat after my hot yoga sessions. I wash those clothes with cold water and they come out without stains or odor.

I do a lot of acrylic painting and sometimes disasters happen – either I lean on the palette or paints are all over me when I knock over a jar. My favorite white sweater was victim of this kind of disaster and I washed it with hot water. I checked thoroughly and didn’t spot any stains. Same for my clothes with ketchup and soy sauce. Hot water indeed removes food more quickly and efficiently.

Pros and cons:

  • It almost eliminates my detergent use.  So there are considerable cost savings.
  • Unlike using detergent, there is no remains of chemicals in the fabrics, therefore it doesn’t harm our body. It is really great for people with chemical sensitivities.
  • You will pay less on your hydro bills by skipping the rinse cycle and conserve water.
  • It lasts a LIFETIME with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • By choosing Magnetic Laundry System, you prevent more toxic spills into the rivers that mess up with the hormones of aquatic lives.
  • This might NOT work for people who prefer their clothes smelling “fresh.”  As I said before, your clothes won’t come out smelling like anything.
  • If you believe that detergent kills germs, then this might not suit you.The Magnetic Laundry System is a laundry detergent alternative only. Laundry detergent is not used to kill microorganisms, and neither is the Magnetic Laundry System. But the cleaning process itself washes away most bacteria. Moreover, hot water kills most microorganisms in the water.

Here we go, this is my Magnetic Laundry System Review. I hope this review helps you. And if you want more information or purchase, you can get it at Water Liberty.

Have any questions or would like to share your user experience?  Just comment below!

And please share this Magnetic Laundry System Review to anyone who have sensitive skins and need alternative of detergent.


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